Google Market Finder

Google launched their award-winning Market Finder site in 2018. This online tool helps small businesses pinpoint the best export market for their products, instantly. Market Finder hosts a library of inspiring success stories and case studies of people who use Google to help their exports. There are videos and how-tos about AdWords and Google Search. It has a snap shot of dozens of countries you may be interested in exporting to. There’s even all you need to know about export law, globally. I wrote most of the copy for this site – the brief was to keep everything simple, clear, and useful. 

I’m showing copy from the Operations section of the site here. Check out the live version at

The Lovie Awards - Silver

The Webby Awards - Best Visual  Design

Landing page

Operations Page

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Operations Success Story, Intercom 

Intercom Expands with Google Translation ServicesUSE   Market Finder by Google copy.png